Why does it take 2-4 weeks to get to me

Worth The Wait

You might notice something if you look on the label of the majority of your clothing. Made in China, or somewhere nearby. However, when it comes to a piece of clothing, when it comes to what YOU wear, your main concern is whether or not it will fit properly and comfortably. On this website we are first buying the items, and then having local models try the clothing on and show YOU, the customer, that it fits well, and exactly how it will look like on the average North American customer, based on the actual size advertised.

Many years ago, The Universal Postal Union, established 1969, dictated that, if you posted a letter from anywhere in the world (Canada/USA) to China, when it reached China there would not be any extra cost. Now the reverse is true. A package from China (at Chinese post office rates) is delivered anywhere in the world at no extra cost. It takes a great deal longer than ordering from Amazon in the United States or Canada, BUT, it’s also a FRACTION of the cost.

Our purchase for you is from the Chinese plant . The typical price, sent by air, using American or Canadian FedEx, would be $60-$75 per item just for delivery, but something like that will cost you a maximum of $20 per item (and that is the cost of the item AND the delivery!) . And that is something we can guarantee for any item(s) that don’t weigh over 4.4 lbs, officially considered an “ePacket” product.

There are two apps to track your shipment. BUT THEY DO NOT WORK UNTIL THE TRACKING NUMBER IS ISSUED

Delivery will take a long time. You can downLoad an app to track your item “Customers can download the Arrive App from their order status page” for the United States – Canada – Australia. For other locations please provide your MOBILE / CELL Phone Number for the app “AfterShip Package Tracker

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